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     Precautions For Mounting And Using Auto Motive Belts
     Precautions For lnstalling & Using lndustrial Belts

Precautions For lnstalling lndustrial Belts
  • Before installing, check your clothing to ensure that there are no loose parts, including loose hair, gloves, or clothing
    that may be pulled into the rotating parts, including the pulley belt.
  • Always install safety cover over rotating parts, including the pulley.

  • Always ensure that the belt fully stops before checking, repairing, or replacing a belt.
  • Ensure the power switch is not turned on during the belt inspection, repair or replacement.
  • Fix the machine before operating it if it may rock when the belt is removed.
  • Ensure that the same type belt or pulley replace an existing one.
  • Do not cut the belt with a knife or scissors while the belt is still under tension. It may spring out to hurt nearby people.
  • Do not touch the belt or pulley immediately after it stops. Your hand may be burnt.
  • Mount the belt from the driving pulley to replace the belt after loosening its tension. Forced mounting may cause early breakage.

  • Align the belt to the pulley center. Otherwise, it will shorten the belt life as one side will wear heavily.
  • Install the belt according to the instructions in the catalog or design specifications.
  • Inadequate mounting may result in early breakage of the belt or the axis.
  • Do not apply too much force to install a belt, for example, with a lever.
  • Ensure the belt is duly placed in the pulley groove.


Precautions ln Using lndustrial Belts
  • Never hang or pull an article with a belt.
  • Never use the belt for purposes other than power transmission.
  • Remove oil, grease or dust from the pulley grove. Rough or damaged pulley surface may cause escessive wear of the belt.
  • Never use the belt for insulation.
  • Always select a pulley that meets the specifications.
  • Keep the belt or pulley from water, oil, chemical, paint ect. That may cause early breakage.
  • Do not use a new and old belt together. It will cause the belt break early as the weight will be loaded on the new one.


  • Maintain the defined tension in mounting or using belt. Wrong tesion will cause noise or breakage.
  • Do not burn used belts as it generates harmful gas.
  • Do not modify the belt as it may hurt the quality and performance.

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