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     Precautions For Mounting And Using Auto Motive Belts
     Precautions For lnstalling & Using lndustrial Belts

Precautions For Mounting Automotive Belts
  • Check your clothing to ensure that there are no loose parts, including loose hair, gloves, or clothing that may be pulled into the rotating parts, including the pulley belt.
  • Alway ensure that the engine is turned off and belt fully stops before checking, repairing, or replacing a belt.
  • Ensure the power switch is not turned on during the belt inspection, repaer or replacement.
  • Ensure that a same type belt or pulley replace the existing one.
  • Do not cut the belt with a knife or scissors while the belt is still under tension. It may spring out to hurt nearby people.
  • Align the belt to the pulley center. Otherwise, it will shorten the belt life as one side will wear heavily.


    • Do not touch the belt or pulley immediately after it stops. Your hand may be bumt.

    • Reduce the belt tension before replacing it with a belt. Inadequate mounting with wrong tension will cause early wear or breakage.

    • Maintain the defined tension in mounting or using the belt. Wrong tension will cause noise or breakage.

    • Replace all belts on one pulley at the same times. Otherwise, it will carse early wear or breakage.


    Precautions For Using Automotive Belts
    • Never hang or pull an article with belt.
    • Never use the belt for purposes other than power transmission.
    • Remove oil, grease or dust from the pulley grove. Rough or damaged pulley surface may cause excesseve wear of the belt.
    • Do not use the belt for insulation.
    • Keep the belt or pulley from water, oil, chemical, paint etc.
    • Do not burn used belts as it generates harmful gas.
      Precautions For Handling Or Storing Automotive Belts

      Observe the following in handing or storing automotive belts:

      • Do not fold a belt by applying excessive force. It will tear the lining materials.
      • Keep belts away from direct sunlight.
      • Do not place heavy articles on top belts under transport or storage.
      • Scratch or scar on the belt surface will cause early breakage.

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